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What to expect on the day of your oven clean? 

Oven cleaning is one of them household chores that nobody wants to do, this is why T&N Oven Cleaning Company have your back!

Here at T&N Oven Cleaning Company we offer oven cleaning for electric and gas ovens, including range masters, microwaves, hobs and grills. Believe us when we say your oven will look brand new after our professionals have visited. 


Our process starts off with us booking the customer an appointment with a time and date that works around your schedule. On the day of your oven clean, your technician will arrive 5 minutes before your appointment and discuss with you your expectations for your oven. The technician will begin by taking out all your racks  and place them into our dip tank solution. 

We begin by heating the oven up to 100 degrees for 5-10 minutes; this helps soften all that burnt on carbon off the oven walls before we can begin the cleaning process. We always use anti-scratch materials including sponges and clothes and eco-friendly chemicals to protect your non-stick surfaces within your oven. 

 Finally, we reassemble your oven and place your clean racks back in. Your technician will explain to you what they have done and give your some care tips to prolong the life of your oven. You pay your technician once the oven clean is completed (Please note, we accept both cash and card  payments). You can now relax knowing you can cook in a safe and clean oven.

Why should you get your oven cleaned professionally?

Getting your oven cleaned professionally will extend the life of your oven, which in the long run will save you money rather than replacing the whole oven. Secondly, getting your oven cleaned will massively improve the taste of your food. Thirdly, having a clean oven will save you money on your energy bills! As the oven will be running more efficiently and will not have to work as hard.  

How long will it take to clean my oven? 

The time it takes to clean your oven would depend on a number of factors; the first one being the condition of the oven. The second would be what type of oven you have, whether it be a single oven or double oven or range etc., but as a guideline it will normally take 1.5hrs - 2.5hrs. Please note additional services required will endure more time to be added.

Is a dirty oven dangerous? 

Having a dirty oven has serious risks involved. Bacteria build-up can led to increase risks of contaminated food, and leaving your oven with burnt food and grease can cause oven fires.  

Who are T&N Oven Cleaning Company?

T&N Oven Cleaning Company is a growing, modern oven cleaning business, that is always improving and adapting to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

How do I book an appointment?

Call us on 07506429004 or you can email us on

One of our team will be happy to give you a price range and help answer any questions you may have. 

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